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A new crisis is threatening our friends in the bush!

Times are extremely tough for farmers in Western NSW. They need us now!

“A new crisis is threatening our friends in the bush”

As you may be aware, much of New South Wales and the Queensland outback are under attack, with rural towns and farms across the region overrun with mice. This is what nightmares are made of.

They are devastating farmlands, devouring crops and contaminating livestock feed. They are getting into the electrical wiring of tractors and harvesters and their dead bodies are fouling water tanks and people’s homes.

Our heart breaks for our farmers living in these conditions, especially when it doesn’t need to be like that. Unfortunately the government has been slow to respond and compounded the issue. But your gift today can provide hope.

“While those on the land have a reputation for being resilient, this mouse plague is about the last straw!


As you read this, some of our volunteer crews are out there helping. 

Please send a message that you stand with people in the bush by sending your tax-time donation before 30 June. 

Your gift today will have a huge impact for those most in need right now.

Thank you, Jannine Jackson – National Director.

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A new crisis is threatening our friends in the bush, watch the latest on the issue HERE: