‘Country Fair’ comes to ROST

02 April 2013

HULLA HOOPINGThere was hay bales, show bags, baby ducks, a bake off and a good time for all when the Country Fair made its way to ROST in Darwin, a respite service run by Frontier Services.

The ‘Country Fair Day’ was organised to celebrate Easter and Harmony Day for clients who access Respite Options for Senior Territorians (ROST).

The ROST house in Stuart Park was transformed into a rural showground with the outback party bringing together the two ROST services in Darwin at Stuart Park and Palmerston. The day kicked off with games and activities including quoits, coin tossing and an impromtu hula hoop competition, followed by the judging for the best "stuffed" farmyard animal.  

FIRST PRIZEStaff excelled in baking desserts with the best judged dish winning a prize. A band came and played for two hours, enertaining clients and staff who were encouraged to join in the singing. White paper bags decorated by the clients were filled with goodies and handed out as show bags.

ROST Coordinator Jane McQuade said the celebration created a buzz at the service.

"It was such a fabulous day and we had so much fun," she said. "People danced and sang nonstop. I saw smiles on faces and people up dancing who normally never leave their chairs. It was an enormous success."

It was also an opportunity to celebrate the cultural diversity of both the staff and residents as part of Harmony Day, officially celebrated on 21 March.

ROST provides day-time respite for carers of frail elderly people, people with dementia and other cognitive and behavioural disorders and younger people with a disability. Each day clients take part in games, gardening, outings and other activities.