2017 Order of Service

10 January 2017

Oos coverIn 2017, Frontier Services celebrates 105 years of service to the people of remote Australia. Our “Padres” – women and men – travel through large tracts of Australia to bring the grace, presence and hospitality of Christ to those people living “beyond the farthest fences”.

In this 40th anniversary year of the Union of the Uniting Church we invite your congregation to celebrate the ministry of Frontier Services, inheritor of the Methodist, Presbyterian and Congregational churches’ Inland missions.

We ask you to join in communion with our outback brothers and sisters who live with physical isolation, poor or non-existing services, and whose working lives are affected by drought, flood, fire and distance.

When your congregation celebrates the 2017 Order of Service “With the People” prepared by Rev Will Pearson, you join in prayerful union with our ministers and the people of the outback whom they serve.

We invite you to use or adapt this beautiful colour service “With the People” to your own needs. It is available in booklet form (pre-order to ensure numbers) or as a downloadable PDF or PowerPoint.

No matter what the size of your congregation we encourage you to celebrate the Light of Christ on our vast and red-hued country and into the lives of strangers and friends we meet on the journey.