Bush Telegraph - '100 Years of Frontier Services'

24 May 2012

bush telegraph_17_may_2012100 YEARS OF FRONTIER SERVICES.  

Bush Telegraph, 17 May 2012.  

One hundred years ago, Reverend John Flynn came up with a plan that changed the course of Australia's social and medical history. He presented a unique proposal to the Presbyterian Church to set up community and health care in outback Australia. The church gave it the thumbs up and the Australian Inland Mission was born. Today, the Inland Mission is known as Frontier Services and it has helped hundreds of thousands of people. A century down the track, we decided to catch up with a few people involved with the service to find out how it's changed and who's on the receiving end of this help. Rosemary Young, national director for Frontier Services; Dennis Cousens, Patrol Minister, Cunnamulla, Queensland; Karen Siepen, charcoal manufacturer, Charleville, Queensland. Listen to the full story.