Celebrating the Centenary

15 September 2011

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Frontier Services is the successor in the Uniting Church to the Australian Inland Mission, developed by Rev John Flynn to provide support to the people of outback Australia. Flynn presented a proposal to the Assembly of the Presbyterian Church on 26 September 1912 which resulted in the establishment of the Australian Inland Mission.

Frontier Services is holding various celebrations throughout 2012 in order to celebrate the vision of John Flynn and the work that has been done over the last 100 years. Also, even more importantly, to celebrate the hope, spirit and resilience of the people of remote Australia as we move into the future.

We consider that 2012 is the opportunity to turn around the perception that remote Australia is the forgotten wilderness and instead to resolve that this Centenary Year we will celebrate the changing face of remote Australia.

Updates and Announcements...


Staff at Frontier Services are beginning the preparations for the celebrations to mark the Centenary. There are a number of exciting events and activities taking place! There are also a number of ways that everyone can get involved! Watch this space for more information!



Kate Higginbotham
Centenary Events Coordinator

GPO Box 2527
Sydney  NSW  2001
T: 02 8270 1361
F: 02 8270 1313
E: kate.h@frontierservices.org