Stamps stamps stamps

12 January 2017

Did you know that the newest Australian $1 and 70c stamp commemoratives are the most sought after by collectors?

stampsThe NSW/ACT Synod Stamp Committee’s newsletter advises that demand exceeds supply for these stamps and that Australian stamps are the most popular, followed closely by Great Britain, Pacific Islands, Asia and New Zealand.

Frontier Services has been receiving envelopes and packages stuffed with stamps sent by supporters for a number of years. Last year we received $3000 for passing these stamps onto the Stamp Committee who sort and sell them to collectors.

Stamps can be supplied on envelopes, cut/torn off envelopes (with 2cm around the stamps) or carefully trimmed with a 3mm paper surround. Leaving them attached to paper is preferred.

So keep thinking of us when you receive stamped envelopes in the mail.