Frontier Services Staff Conference

16 September 2011

The Frontier Services Staff Conference. 

As you may or may not be aware, every five years as many of the Frontier Services staff as possible gather together to celebrate the work that we do.

This is a rare but exciting opportunity for us to gather as a national team, to share some of the work that we have been doing, to get to know each other a little better, and to leave with the renewed knowledge that we are not alone in our work in providing services to people in remote Australia - that we are in fact part of a large and supportive team!

2002 Staff_Conference_1

In 2002 staff gathered in Alice Springs to not only celebrate the 90th Anniversary of the Australian Inland Mission and Frontier Services as its successor in the Uniting Church, but also the Year of the Outback.

The conference was entitled “Back to the Outback - Sustaining Community Beyond 2002”. Staff gathered for a dusk celebration at John Flynn’s grave, before attending a Mayoral Reception at the Old Telegraph Station. Over the next two days staff were then given an opportunity to introduce their area of service to other staff, listen to some poignant speakers and attend various workshops before finishing off with a ‘bit of a do’.

2007 Staff_Conference_1

In 2007 staff gathered at Westminster College in Adelaide to celebrate the 95th Anniversary for a conference entitled ‘Thank God You’re There’.

Staff were facilitated by our friends Patricia  Cameron-Hill and Shane Yates to ‘Celebrate the work we do with laughter, friendship and fun’. Staff were also treated to some fabulous speakers and entertainers, attended various workshops and ended the conference with a ‘bit of a do’ at the Ram Shed at the Royal Adelaide Showgrounds.

In 2012 Staff will again be gathering, but this time to celebrate the Centenary! Most staff will arrive on Monday 24 September for a day and a half of training. On Wednesday 26 September the remaining staff and Board Members will join the staff, ready to head to the official celebration will take place at Dallas Brooks Centre in Melbourne. All staff will then spend two days at Geelong College, in  Victoria, celebrating our past, present, and most importantly, our future! Of course we will round off the conference with a ‘bit of a do’ - dinner, music and plenty of dancing!