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Our Current Volunteer Jobs

Can you help someone doing it tough in remote Australia?

We have a number of people who need our help in remote Australia. If you’re already registered with us, and you see a volunteer placement that you’d like to take on, then we would love to hear from you! Please give us a call on 1300 787 247 and speak with either Barry or Michelle!


This young family, parents and their 3 kids, would love your help in making their house a home and helping them move along some maintenance jobs that have been going on for 5 years. They are looking for help with some internal and external painting, some sanding as well as no-more gaping all the tongue and groove walls and ceilings. This will have a massive impact as the gaps are letting dust inside which is far from ideal. There is also some work in the garden to be done to prepare for a vegetable garden and orchard. This will include some digging. If you would like to get in and get dirty, this could be the placement for you!

When: Sooner rather than later

Duration: 2-4 weeks – depending on your skill sets

Accommodation: BYO please

This elderly couple have reached out to you to ask for your help with getting a fresh coat of paint on their house. They both have terrible arthritis in their hands which leaves them unable to do this themselves, which they have done their entire lives. Please shout if you can lend a hand, even to get them started!

When: Anytime now

Duration: 2 weeks but can be flexible

Accommodation: Provided or BYO

Two sisters and are custodians of a sandstone property from 1862. They are both almost 90 and run things between them. To say they work hard, would be an understatement. Their family are working on a long-term solution with them so have reached out to Outback Links volunteers in the interim to assist in relieving some of the relentless pressure. Tasks would include gardening, some cooking, some cleaning and some valuable assistance running their small tourism operation to the property. If you are willing to put your hand to anything and everything and go with the flow, this would be a very rewarding placement.

When: Now

Duration: 2 weeks – flexible

Accommodation: Plenty of room for caravan parking and access to water and power. Access to shower facilities can be arranged if necessary.

This single, male farmer is looking for some helping hands to get through the never ending job list. Jobs include mostly general handyman style things include some guttering, some light fencing tasks, bit of irrigation, painting, relocating a electrical meter box, some welding amongst many many other things. If you are happy to lend your hand to a vast array of tasks, this one is for you and we would love to hear from you!

When: Now

Duration: 2 weeks – flexible

Accommodation: BYO is preferred

This couple are looking for some experienced volunteers that know the ropes when it comes to cattle, some machinery and general farm work tasks. We are just awaiting further confirmation on this but if it is of interest to you, please let us know!

When: Now

Accommodation: BYO or provided

This couple operate a farmstay so they can earn some sort of income in the horrendous drought. She is looking for back up support over the dates below with the farmstay operations including some cooking, preparing the rooms and some cleaning duties. This would be of massive support with the day-to-day operations of their property.


  • 17-26 June
  • 11-25 August
  • 5-Sept for a few weeks

Duration: Varied

Accommodation: TBC

This couple has called for your back up support to caretake their property to allow them to visit their two sons, one in WA and the other in the NT, and also enable them to attend their niece’s 21st birthday in Darwin. They will be travelling by road so will be an epic journey and a very meaningful one if they can get the necessary support they need to make it all happen. Your duties will be basic in nature but most importantly, you will be there when they are not.

If you have experience on a property already, this could be the placement for you to make a real and lasting difference to this couple in a very practical way.

When: 15-July to 10-Aug-2019 – roughly – give a day or 2 either side

Duration: 3-4 weeks

Accommodation: BYO or Provided

This couple has reached out for back up support to enable them to attend some family weddings – which includes their own son!

The main jobs will be to feed and water animals abd check fencing and waters around the property. If you would like to do any other jobs, we could find them based on your skill set! Please shout if you can help out on this one.

When: 4-Sept-2019

Duration: 2 weeks

Accommodation: BYO or Provided

This couple has reached out for back up support with some pressing property maintenance in which that have asked for some lending hands.

Jobs include some carpentry work including windows installation, repairing some guttering, fitting fibro sheets, some plumbing work including drainage pipes and PVC piping to put together and some repairs and then lastly some painting inside and out of the homestead.

If you have the time and the skills, we would love to hear from you!

Duration: 2-4 weeks – flexible

Accommodation: BYO or Provided

Western Australia

Activities: A grazier has called us for back up support as he currently lives alone on his property whilst his three sons are away. He is looking to go and visit them at some point coming up however is unable to leave the property without care. Can you show the spirit of mateship? Showing that you care and lending not only your practical hands but also you listening ears would be priceless on this placement.

When: As soon as possible

Duration: 2 weeks – flexible

Accommodation: BYO

New South Wales

This couple have been a part of our Outback Links program for many years and have been blessed by the generosity of our beautiful volunteers. That is the reason she has reached out for much needed helping hands again because she knows how they help her get back on top of things. Feeding their cattle is taking up every inch of energy and resource, so anything you can do to lift some of the unrelenting pressure would be gratefully received.

Support with household chores including cooking, cleaning, gardening would be top of the list. Looking for a couple/male with experience on a property to assist with those tasks out on the land would be great as well.

When: Now

Duration: 2 weeks – flexible

Accommodation: BYO

South Australia

Do you have electrical skills, travelling through SA and want to make a meaningful difference to the small town of Andamooka? If so, we want to hear from you!

They have reached out for back up support to assist them in removing quite a number of ceiling fans safely from their community hall so they can install some air conditioners ahead of the coming summer. There has been some fire damage to the electrical work and so they need someone who knows what the doing. All the equipment will be provided, they just need your skills!

Please reach out if this is you or you know someone who can help this remote community.

When: Now

Duration: Flexible – works will need to be completed on a Mon/Tues to access the hall when there are no people around

Accommodation: BYO

This farming couple is looking for back up support to caretake their property while they take a much needed break. With serious health challenges in their family, they are desperately needing support to recharge their batteries to continue to the burden of life on the land in such drought. If you can lend a hand, please shout!

Your duties would include general farm work including going around waters, checking tanks, looking after farm dogs and garden around house.

When: 9th-27th August 2019

Duration: 2.5 weeks

Accommodation: Provided in good shearers quarters near the house or BYO.

This farming couple are recent participants into the Outback Links program and have found massive benefits from the friendships they have had the opportunity to create. As many of you know, the job list is always very long on a property and you would be welcome here to lend you hands and skills accordingly. Please shout if you are in the area and have some spare time to lend it to this couple.

When: Flexible

Duration: 1-2 weeks

Accommodation: Spare room available or BYO

A farmers despair during this tough drought
Two outback volunteers - Asking for Help - Volunteer and help those in need