About Us

Frontier Services is a national charity working on behalf of people living in remote areas, which covers 85% of Australia. Our primary purpose is to raise funds in order to support the Uniting Church in Australia, through its network of Patrol Ministers, in their pastoral work with Indigenous communities, isolated properties, mining sites and other remotely located communities. 

Frontier Services also provides drought relief and other forms of practical community support through its volunteer assistance program known as “Outback Links”.

Our mission: “To support, link and empower the people of Outback Australia by creating connections and mobilising resources”.

Frontier Services is a charity and national agency of the Uniting Church that grew out of the pioneering work begun in 1912 by the Rev John Flynn “Flynn of the Inland” – the man on the $20 note.

As the successor in the Uniting Church to the Australian Inland Mission, Frontier Services has sought to work with and empower communities and individuals to overcome the disadvantages of living in remote locations for more than 100 years.

The Frontier Services of today owes as much to the Federal Methodist Inland Mission, which was equal in size and scope to that of the AIM by 1926, as it does to the Presbyterian tradition and to Rev Dr John Flynn. And it is a matter of historical record that the inland work of the Congregational Union, particularly in the Northern Territory, actually preceded that of the Presbyterian and the Methodist traditions in many remote regions.

Patrol Ministry map

Our Structure

We are a charity and national agency of the Uniting Church. The Frontier Services Board provides govenance and oversight on behalf of the Assembly. The National Office is based in Sydney


Our History

In the late 19th Century, the Christian churches became increasingly concerned about people living in the Outback, and Congregational ministers began 'traveling out" to remote areas in the 1890's


Patrol Ministry

Our Patrol Ministers are constantly on the road; visiting people on isolated properties, Aboriginal communities, mine sites and remote communities.


Our Supporters

Our work is entirely funded through public donations, corporate partnerships and grants from philanthropic organisations. Our sponsors help by contributing towards our work through  monetary or in-kind support.


Outback Links

Our volunteer program, Outback Links has more than 10 years’ experience connecting skilled volunteers with people in remote Australia who could use a helping hand. It is a unique, Australia wide service.