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Outback Links

Outback Links

Are you keen to ‘give back’ to people in remote Australia?
Want a unique experience of outback Australia?

OL coverOutback Links provides skilled and experienced volunteers to help with day-to-day work on remote properties around Australia when families need an extra pair of hands – while a farmer recovers from injury, while harvest or muster is on, on the birth of a new child, loss of a family member or disaster recovery from floods or bushfires.

Volunteers help wherever needed. Tasks include but are not limited to: house duties (cooking, cleaning), childcare, help with school work, maintenance, gardening, plumbing, fencing, stock work or admin. Volunteers help out for short periods of time, usually around one to two weeks.

Do you know someone who needs help? Or could you do with a helping hand?

Find out more about Outback Links here.

For more information on how to become a volunteer or to apply for a helping hand, please contact Outback Links:

Phone: 1300 731 349
Email: outback.links@frontierservices.org
Mail: Outback Links c/- Frontier Services, GPO Box 2527, Sydney NSW 2000


Outback Links

Many people living in outback Australia could use a helping hand. At the same time, these people are happy to share the essence of the bush, its beauty and its ruggedness and develop a better understanding of the ethos of outback Australia.

Across the country, there is a highly effective volunteer workforce made up of Australia’s rapidly growing skilled and gifted seniors population, students, professionals, backpackers and others who would love to see their talents put to use to support outback Australia.

Outback Links aims to reduce isolation and disadvantage in rural and remote Australia by linking appropriately skilled and gifted volunteers with outback people who could use a helping hand.

Each year, Outback Links volunteers support more than 500 outback families, providing a much needed helping hand when it is needed most.

We would be delighted to speak with you about how we could work together to make a difference.

Find out about becoming a volunteer

Or contact us

Telephone: 1300 731 349
Fax: 02 8270 1313
Email: outback.links@frontierservices.org

Frontier Services / Outback Links
GPO Box 2527 Sydney NSW 2001

If you are a volunteer, we encourage you to tell people about your experience with Outback Links.