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Meet Mick, a cattle farmer in Victoria

Mick moved to Buchan after some pretty serious health issues to help his ageing parents on their family farm. 

Then the Black Summer bushfires came. They destroyed everything. Their home, their tractors, even their fencing. Mick said all that was left was smouldering, twisted metal.

Watch the video to hear about Mick’s story straight from him and Bushfire Recovery Bush Chaplain Peter Harvey.

If Disaster Recovery Bush Chaplain Peter Harvey hadn’t been in town, there’s a chance Mick would still be trying to persevere on his own even now.

But because of your support, Bush Chaplains like Peter are able to look out for folk like Mick. They are there as a caring, physical presence, ready to support all who need it, no matter what.

Peter organised a crew of Outback Links volunteers to come to Buchan and help Mick and his neighbours.

When asked how it felt to be helped, Mick said,

“It felt like hope.

“You’re struggling along by yourself a lot of the time and you’re worn out.

“And volunteers come along like that and you get support and it feels heaven-sent, literally.”

People in the bush don’t need rescuing. What they need are people like you who care.

Please donate today to help Aussies in the bush recover and be better prepared for future challenges.