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Frontier News

Frontier News - 110th Anniversary

In this special edition of Frontier News to celebrate our 110th anniversary, take a visual journey through the decades. See the men and women who form our rich legacy. Read about our evolution as an organisation. Discover the pioneers first to champion the needs of our friends in the bush. Most importantly, witness the history and impact you are a part of.

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Frontier News - August 2022 Edition

Our latest August edition is filled with incredible stories of generosity, sacrifice and resilience as we speak with farmers, Outback Links volunteers and Frontier Services Bush Chaplains on supporting those who live and work in the bush so that they can stay on the land they love. One disaster after another has struck people living in rural and remote places the hardest, and the recovery will take years. Our National Mobility Partner The NRMA returned to western NSW near Condobolin to help some weary farmers, allowing them the chance to stop, breathe and regather. We also observe NAIDOC week and recognise the need to make change for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Please enjoy reading this edition and appreciate the impact you have when you support us. To read the full magazine, click below.

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Frontier News - May 2022 Edition

Our latest May edition is filled with incredible stories of courage, optimism and resilience as we speak with farmers, Outback Links volunteers and Frontier Services Bush Chaplains on weathering drought, floods, a pandemic and the challenges that come with living and working in the bush. The unprecedented weather events have had far-reaching impact on the lives of people in rural and remote Australia. We take our National Mobility Partner, NRMA, out to western NSW to help a family struggling in the aftermath of the devastating mouse plague and a spate of other disasters that hit the region. We also share our perspective on ‘Be Brave. Make Change.’ - the theme for this year’s National Reconciliation Week (27 May to 3 June). And finally, we hope you will enjoy reading this edition as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you. To read the full magazine, click below.

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Frontier News - February 2022 Edition

As we start this new year with great hope and optimism, our latest February edition of Frontier News will remind you that miracles can happen. Frontier Services Bush Chaplain John Tomkins recounts the relief and pure joy that washed over the traumatised community in Carnarvon and around the country when little Cleo Smith was found. We journeyed to WA to help farmer Erika piece together her broken dreams of running a sheep farm in the aftermath of Cyclone Seroja. Outback Links veteran, 84-year-old Geoff, takes us along the path that led him into 13 incredible years of voluntary work with Frontier Services. We will also hear from some of our volunteers and supporters, whose generosity changes so many lives across rural and remote Australia.

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Frontier News - August 2021 Edition

Frontier News August 2021 is out now! In this month’s issue of Frontier News, we take the NRMA down to the Snowy Monaro region to help and assist our friends who were affected by the devastating 2020 fires, we share stories of trials and triumphs from across the country and inside this month’s issue, Christmas is coming early!

What’s Inside:

Hear from fire-affected families across the Snowy region.
Our volunteers tell us the most incredible stories of their trips.
We deliver hope and assistance to some of the most vulnerable.
Register for the 2021 Great Outback BBQ!

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Frontier News - May 2021 Edition

In this month's issue of Frontier News, we speak to some of our incredible volunteers who tell of stories that warm your heart. We say hello to our good friend and long-time farmer, Rhonda whose story touched the nation. We also open the very real and raw conversation on Mental Health in the bush and what that looks like for our rural and remote friends. To read the full magazine, click below.

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Frontier News - February 2021 Edition

In this edition, we uncover the greatest Aussie bush love story ever told. We also have the privilege of tagging along with some of our amazing Outback Links volunteers and discover some incredible adventures being undertaken throughout rural and remote Australia.

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Frontier News - November 2020 Edition

In this edition we chat to some of our Bush Chaplains about how their work has been affected by COVID-19 this year. You'll also meet some of the farmers who have experienced first-hand the benefits of our Outback Links program. And our Bush Chaplain Sunny, leads a group trip to help build bridges with a remote Indigenous community.

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Frontier News - August 2020 Edition

In this edition of Frontier News we bring you the stories of farmers who continue to face hardships brought on by the effects of COVID-19 as we pass the halfway mark of 2020. But through it all, Frontier Services has been bringing much needed relief for people in the bush. Our Outback Links volunteers continue to bring hope during hard times. We also share the story of chaplains Arnie and Jennie who have been working with bushfire affected communities as they travel the long road to recovery.

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Frontier News - May 2020 Edition

As we observe 'physical distancing' guidelines we have had to make some difficult decisions. But we're still here. And we're still connecting people. Hear from our incredible Bush Chaplains as they work to maintain and grow social connections in their remote communities at a time when people couldn't feel more isolated. We also share our perspective on what the theme 'In this together' means for us, as we approach the 20th anniversary of National Reconciliation Week.

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Frontier News - February 2020 Edition

We're heartened by stories of people rallying behind those who are struggling with the ongoing drought, or have lost everything to bushfire. We share some of these stories with you in this edition, including a personal account from our Bush Chaplain Rev Rowena Harris, who was trapped in Mallacoota by the fires. We also introduce you to Pastor Julia Lennon, our first ever female Aboriginal Bush Chaplain, who is working to bring First and Second Peoples together in Oodnadatta.

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Frontier News - November 2019 Edition

As we approach Christmas, a time when we're getting together with our families, those in the bush are reminded of how tough living in isolation can be. But there is hope. Our incredible Bush Chaplains and volunteers are showing up to the gate and showing people in remote Australia that there are people who care. In this issue we introduce you to Pastor Cain Hartigan who shares a story about how a chat over a cuppa can save a person's life. We also take you to Tottenham with our incredible volunteers who show our farmers that they're not forgotten in this drought. Thank you so much for all your wonderful support. We hope you enjoy your read!

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Frontier News - August 2019 Edition

We're so grateful for your wonderful support this year. You're helping forge friendships and lift spirits in the Outback. In this issue we take you to Bingara (NSW) where farmers Greg and Bethany Stace have their first Outback Links experience. We share the ongoing struggles people in the bush face and demonstrate the growing need for our incredible volunteers and Bush Chaplains. We also highlight how you can make a real difference to the lives of people living in remote Australia, including our Aussie farmers: Hosting a Great Outback BBQ this September, signing up to our 'Outback Angels' monthly giving program, or buying gift cards / Christmas cards for your loved ones.

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Frontier News - February 2019 Edition

In this issue we give thanks to all those who participated in this year’s Great Outback BBQ Campaign, raising much need funds for those doing it tough out bush. We touch upon the Bush Chaplains conference and how we’re “Caring for the carer” and we share some wonderful stories of how those who are living our their faith through volunteering with Frontier Services.

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Frontier News - November 2018 Edition

We are incredibly proud of our wonderful Bush Chaplains and Outback Links volunteers who, with your support, bring helping hands, hope and mateship to rural and remote communities. In our November edition, we introduce you to Rev Phill Matthews who helped identify practical ways to support drought-affected farmers in Carinda, New South Wales. Follow his and our volunteers’ story on pages 4 to 9.

Journey with us to the heart of Australia as we look back on the historic opening of the John Flynn Memorial Church (pages 11 to 13); and relive the events leading to the first flight as we reflect on our shared history with the Royal Flying Doctor Service (page 16 to 17).

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Frontier News - August 2018 Edition

We have been moved by the amazing work happening in support of people in remote communities, including Aussie Farmers, FIFO workers and those advocating for First Peoples. We were so inspired following a visit to the Riverina Region (New South Wales) that we dedicated our August edition of Frontier News to the stories we learned during Walking On Country.

We hope you enjoy this read and pray that you, too, are inspired to support us on our journey of reconciliation. Together, let’s learn, share and grow.

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Frontier News - May 2018 Edition

In this edition of our refreshed-look Frontier News, we share stories about standing with Farmers and First Peoples, including Outback Links volunteers providing friendship and support to graziers managing two properties; Rev Mitch of the Murchison Remote Area bringing hope to the people and community of Meekatharra; and an artist’s vision of creating tourism to improve outcomes for Meekatharra’s Aboriginal youth.

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Frontier News - February 2018 Edition

In this edition of Frontier News, we share stories about serving those in the Australian Outback, including Rev Sunny of the Cunnamulla-Burke & Wills Remote Area supporting Queenslanders during a long drought; Outback Links volunteers providing assistance and respite during times of ill-health and grief; and reflecting on the Kennedy Remote Area – then and now.

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