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2022: Shout Out for Volunteers

2022: Shout Out for Volunteers

2022: Shout Out for Volunteers

We all know how the last few years have been fraught with challenges at every turn. Cyclones have lashed farms and properties, bushfires have ravaged everything in their way, floods have swept away people’s livelihood and the horrific hordes of mice have taken over people’s homes, pantries, stores and cars. And to top it all, COVID-19 refuses to go away.

The chaos and confusion that has resulted from the never-ending struggles on the land have pushed so many of our farmers into the darkness, with no ray of hope in sight. As recovery and repair bills continue to stack up, they have very little help to turn to. As we continue to battle some of nature’s extreme fury, we also look forward to 2022 full of hope and optimism. Our Outback Links team continues to put a call-out for volunteers to help farmers and local communities to rebuild after the devastation and the loss.

We are immensely grateful to all our volunteers who have answered the call and travelled the distance to provide care and support where it was needed. Your help and assistance is so critical for our farmers and those who live on the land. We are doing all we can to relieve them of some of the pressure that they are going through and as quickly as we can. Any help from our committed and caring volunteers will make such a huge difference to the lives of so many farmers who live and work beyond the farthest fence.

And from what our amazing volunteers have been telling us, this could very well become your very own life-changing experience!

In our bid to stand alongside so many farms and properties across NSW after the mouse plague, we will soon head out with our partner, the NRMA and a team of volunteers to attend to the many cries for help. Our supporters like you can help so many farmers in WA like Erika (you can read her story on Page 10) that have lost everything to Cyclone Seroja. Coming up in 2022, we will take an Outback Links volunteer team and travel to the heart of the country – to Oodnadatta, a small, remote outback town in SA where our Bush Chaplain Julia Lennon resides, to make a big difference in the lives of the indigenous community there.

Are you ready to join us and embark on your very own life changing experience in 2022?

If you, or anyone you know, could help simply drop us an email at outbacklinks@frontierservices.org, call us 1300 787 247 or go to our website here to register your interest.

Alternatively, if you would like to donate to keep our volunteers on the road, please use the form below: