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Centenary Book Launch

Centenary Book Launch

A commemorative book to celebrate 100 years of support to remote Australia will be released in early 2012.

The coffee-table style publication is full of intriguing, stunning and rarely before seen photographs spanning from 1912 to 2012.  Published by Wakefield Press, the book is beautifully put-together, with captions and stories that have been collected from across the Centenary. Of course, it is not possible to tell every person’s story, but it is hoped the few chosen serve to ignite the imagination and creep into the hearts of those who read them. 

Author Storry Walton writes at the beginning of the book…

“…the pictures in this book tell many stories, and whisper many messages. Predictably one of the narratives that pervades the collection is of how we Australians have seen our land over a period of 100 years… The fascination with the environment persists to this day… We still photograph the same things to reflect new meanings – the eternal fascination with getting bogged on the outback plains, the still-awesome power of the dust storm, the timeless pictures of dead cattle in the drought. And all the time, portraits of the people – the camera forever peering into the faces of people who live remote lives to find their mystery, the thing in them that eludes us, the expectation that people ‘out there’ have been imbued with something of the spirit of the great spaces that city folk can never experience. So look especially at the portraits. The geography of the face is as full of secrets as that of the land. Whatever else they may tell us, we think that the people in this book tell us about two luminous qualities that characterise the people of the outback and the staff members of Frontier Services who have walked beside them for a hundred years – resilience and compassion”.

Available for purchase from early 2012, pre-orders will be available from February 2012. Get in quick to make sure you own this piece of history as we celebrate together in this Centenary year!