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A golden day at Terrace Gardens

A golden day at Terrace Gardens

A golden day at Terrace Gardens

Egg and Spoon Race
Think you have to be young and agile to compete in the Olympics? Well not at Frontier Services Terrace Gardens in Darwin. The residents at the aged care service recently challenged the residents of two other services, Tracy Aged Care and the Juninga Centre, to an Olympic-style competition.

Activities Officers Karen Thomas and Karen Tims organised the day with events including magnetic fishing, chopstick javelin, wheelchair relay and bean bag bullseye. Forty residents from the three homes participated.

Karen Thomas said: “It was a really fantastic day. The residents all said that they thoroughly enjoyed themselves, especially the competitions and interacting with other homes.”

The Olympics was one of the many creative activities organised by Terrace Gardens to help make the lives of the residents more meaningful.

“We try and bring what they did in the community into their lives at Terrace Gardens,” said Karen.

Each resident received a medallion which the residents enjoyed but all agreed that the real win was the chance to participate.

When all the results were in, Tracy Aged Care came in first, Juninga second and Terrace Gardens made a bold effort as the challengers.