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Support Bush Chaplains and Transform Lives This Tax Season

Support Bush Chaplains and Transform Lives This Tax Season

Support Bush Chaplains and Transform Lives This Tax Season

When people like Elaine face immense challenges, they often do so alone. Elaine’s life was turned upside down when her husband died, and she was later diagnosed with Parkinson’s and early-stage dementia. Living on a remote property, she had no family nearby and struggled to manage her day-to-day life.

Thankfully, Elaine wasn’t entirely alone. Frontier Services’ Bush Chaplains were there for her. These dedicated individuals drive thousands of kilometers to provide support to people in the outback. Elaine’s Bush Chaplain, for example, drove a 400km round trip just to see her, offering companionship, prayers, and practical help.

Why Your Donation Matters

Our Bush Chaplains cover an average of 3,103 kilometers a day to check on people, offer assistance, and provide much-needed emotional support. This is equivalent to driving from Melbourne to Perth every day. But this essential work is expensive. The costs of fuel, vehicle repairs, and communication tools add up quickly.

Your tax-deductible donation can provide immediate and practical support, such as:

  • Covering the cost of fuel
  • Funding a satellite phone and Starlink internet connection
  • Repairing and maintaining a Bush Chaplain’s vehicle

Without your help, our Bush Chaplains cannot meet the urgent needs of people like Elaine. Your kindness ensures that no one has to face hardship alone.

Elaine’s Story: A Testimony of Hope

Elaine told us, “If my Bush Chaplain wasn’t here, I think it would have all been too much, and I probably wouldn’t be here either. They treat me like I still exist and can make decisions, which I can.”

Elaine’s story is a powerful reminder of the difference that compassionate support can make. Bush Chaplains provide not only practical help but also a sense of dignity and hope.

Make a Difference Today

By donating to Frontier Services, you help keep our Bush Chaplains on the road. Your support ensures that people like Elaine receive the care and companionship they desperately need.