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Day in the Life of a Bush Chaplain

Day in the Life of a Bush Chaplain

Day in the Life of a Bush Chaplain

Bush Chaplain Lindsay Ginn brings a special kind of joy and connection to people – music! His music brings people together, breaks down barriers, and allows communities to connect on a deeper level. From his home in Kalgoorlie, he travels to local schools in Esperance to teach music to kids. And he has recently started introducing his music to seniors living in Kalgoorlie.

We asked him to share what a typical day looks like to give you a sense of just how much you make possible through your support.

Morning Sessions with Students

Lindsay starts his day early, hitting the road by 5:45 AM to reach the school at Salmon Gums in Esperance. There, he sets up instruments for around 18 students from nearby properties. Through ukulele, percussion, and singing sessions, Lindsay not only imparts musical skills but also forms lasting connections with the younger generation, laying the groundwork for future support and camaraderie.

After the morning session, Lindsay heads to another school in Scadden where he interacts with approximately 40 students of varying ages. Building relationships with teachers, parents, and students alike. Lindsay fosters an environment of friendship and mutual support, strengthening the bonds within the community.

Supporting Seniors and Nursing Homes

In the afternoons, Lindsay dedicates time to visiting retirement villages and nursing homes, bringing music and companionship to the elderly residents. Through activities like boomwhacker sessions and musical performances, Lindsay uplifts spirits and combats loneliness, enriching the lives of those he encounters.

Church Services and Committee Work

In addition to his community engagements, Lindsay also leads church services in Kalgoorlie and Esperance, ensuring spiritual support for congregants. He actively participates in various committees. This includes the Uniting Church Disaster Recovery Chaplaincy Network and the Rural and Remote Ministers Network. Both contribute to broader initiatives aimed at serving remote communities.

Bush Chaplain Lindsay Ginn’s commitment to service and compassion exemplifies the invaluable role of Frontier Services in supporting individuals and communities across remote Australia.

Explore this musical journey and support the work of Frontier Services. Scan the QR code in Frontier News or listen on YouTube. “Mantle of Safety,” a song dedicated to the legacy of Rev John Flynn.