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How Outback Links Volunteers Saved Megan’s Chooks

How Outback Links Volunteers Saved Megan’s Chooks

How Outback Links Volunteers Saved Megan’s Chooks

In the heart of remote Australia, Megan’s farm in Walgett, NSW stood as a beacon of resilience amidst the vast expanse of the outback. However, with the demands of farm life weighing heavily upon her, Megan found herself struggling to keep up with the upkeep of her property and needing volunteer assistance. As foxes threatened her cherished chickens and overgrown branches loomed overhead, Megan knew she needed a helping hand.

Fortunately, a ray of hope emerged in the form of assistance from Outback Links volunteers. When Gordon, James, and Ron offered their assistance, Megan gratefully welcomed their support. From the crack of dawn, the volunteers tirelessly worked to restore Megan’s farm to its former glory. With their strong work ethic and unwavering dedication, they cleared fallen branches, revitalized the orange orchard, and constructed a secure enclosure to protect Megan’s beloved chickens.

But it wasn’t just the physical labor that made a difference. As our Outback Links volunteers worked side by side, bonds of friendship were forged, and stories were shared. Over shared meals and heartfelt conversations, Megan found solace in the company of her newfound friends, their laughter echoing across the fields.

As the sun set on their final day together, Megan looked upon her transformed farm with gratitude. The tireless efforts of the Outback Links volunteers had not only restored her property but had also renewed her faith in the power of community and compassion.

Megan’s story featured in Frontier News is a testament to the impact of programs like Outback Links. All made possible by the generosity of supporters like you. Together, we can continue to support rural Australia and ensure that no farmer faces their challenges alone.

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