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Community support transforms lives in remote Australia

Community support transforms lives in remote Australia

Community support transforms lives in remote Australia

In the secluded town of Manna Hill, SA, where support is scarce, admitting and accepting help is difficult. Receiving community support in remote Australia is not easy. Wayne, Betty, and Monty faced overwhelming challenges, and their story, guided by the support of Bush Chaplain Sunny, epitomises the transformative power of community assistance.

Living so remotely for so long, Wayne and his parents had been self-sufficient until Monty became ill 20 years ago. Betty then became his full-time carer. Wayne, a loyal countryman, found himself torn between managing his livestock business and caring for his parents.

“I was so overwhelmed, I didn’t know where to start with putting a dent in all the work. And I just felt so disappointed in myself that I couldn’t give my parents the support they needed on my own.”

Because of your support, Bush Chaplain Sunny could offer help

Bush Chaplain Sunny emerged as a beacon of hope for the family. Recognising the need for assistance, Sunny suggested a team of Outback Links volunteers begin working on the property. Despite initial hesitations our support recipients eventually embraced the idea. They realised it was a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Community support in remote Australia“One time when I turned up, Betty was standing on a rusted ladder trying to paint the room. She told me about her plans for the house, which sounded like a lot of work, and I knew even if she could find paid workers to come to Manna Hill, it would be a prohibitively expensive exercise.”

Initially, most support recipients feel they should be able to battle on and get things done themselves. The thought of a team of fifteen volunteers coming to Manna Hill also felt somewhat overwhelming. They would more than triple the local population for starters! But eventually, they came to see it in a new light.

The impact of Outback Links volunteers

With the support of Outback Links volunteers meticulously planned by Sunny, the transformation of Betty’s property began. Tasks large and small were tackled with enthusiasm, from cleaning, putting in new floors, fixing windows, and culminating in the construction of an access ramp for Monty. The impact of this project extended beyond physical changes; it brought a renewed sense of hope and community spirit to Manna Hill.

Community support in remote Australia Wayne, Betty, and Monty were deeply touched by the kindness of strangers who came to their remote town to offer support. Their story serves as a testament to the generosity and resilience of rural communities.

When we asked Wayne what he wanted to say to you, our supporter, he responded:

“Frontier Services offers real results, and every cent is spent where it’s needed.

“Words cannot describe how grateful I am to the kind people who donate to Frontier Services. They have given us a gift that we will cherish always.”

There are many more families whose lives you can change in this way

Your donation to Frontier Services ensures that vital assistance reaches the lives of rural communities, and those facing adversity in remote areas like Manna Hill.

Join us in continuing to make a difference and offer community support in remote Australia guided by the compassionate spirit of individuals like Bush Chaplain Sunny.