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George Whisker: From an email to an awards ceremony

George Whisker: From an email to an awards ceremony

George Whisker: From an email to an awards ceremony

George-prizesIt started with an email: “Volunteers wanted to help outback farmers” which George Whisker, National Roads and Motorists’ Association (NRMA) Patrol Team Leader responded to. After volunteering with Outback Links in Lightning Ridge for a week of hard work in high temperatures and meeting farmers who were thrilled with his work, George was hooked.

Last weekend at the True Blue Awards night for NRMA staff held at The Star in Pyrmont, George won not one, but two awards for his volunteering work. The Community Spirit Award and the CEO Award.

George Whisker is a passionate, committed volunteer and veteran of three Outback Links group trips to Lightning Ridge, embarking on his fourth in April. His passion to assist farmers there has seen him travel up the Castlereagh Highway several times in-between group trips, helping out when needs arose.

George has befriended many farmers while repairing their machinery, which ranges from quad bikes to tractors, utes and the occasional windmill. He also likes to show farmers how to do some of their own repairs they might otherwise put off thinking they were too complicated.

He goes in with an open mind and heart saying “if I can help one person then that’s my goal achieved, hopefully we can help many more.”

We’re thrilled for George, a well-deserved winner!

George Whisker thinks this is an excellent way to create awareness of the plight of farmers and to recruit more volunteers, “they could end up with an award or two, like me” he said.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Would you like to volunteer? Go to http://outbacklinks.com.au/volunteer