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Hope for the people of Carinda NSW

Hope for the people of Carinda NSW

Hope for the people of Carinda NSW

Hope for the people Carinda NSW, thanks to the NRMA, their skilled mechanics and our volunteers!

As our Official National Mobility Partner, this year the NRMA sponsored two Outback Links trips that journeyed out to the small country town of Carinda NSW, three hours north of Dubbo.

As part of our partnership, the NRMA mechanics volunteered their time and skills to travel from Sydney to Carinda and lend a helping hand to those doing it tough out bush. These Outback Links trips also included some of our own dedicated volunteers and Frontier Services staff.

Each trip saw the teams of mechanics and volunteers working on a range of properties, repairing their farm vehicles and equipment, delivering practical support, as well as building meaningful connections. While they worked on these eight farms, they stayed within the community at the Carinda Hotel, a local sweet spot, and hosted a Great Outback BBQ with those farmers involved in the trips.

These teams have, without a shadow of doubt, directly impacted the lives of people living in the small, small town of Carinda, NSW.

The trips were exhausting yet exhilarating, confronting yet so full of hope, fun yet so very meaningful. We are so grateful for the ongoing support from NRMA, now in its fourth year of partnership with the Frontier Services Outback Links program – together we’re making a real difference to the lives of people living in Remote Australia.

Our Outback Links program makes a real and lasting difference to the people living out bush. Combined with the ongoing support of our Bush Chaplains, remote towns and families know there are people out there that care.

Together with the NRMA we’re keeping New South Wales moving and standing with people in the bush!