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Laughter, friendship and fun

Laughter, friendship and fun

IMG 4398 2Close to 80 Frontier Services staff were celebrated today for their long service with the organisation in a special presentation at the National Staff Conference held in Geelong.

Staff from across the country were individually acknowledged and called on to the stage to recognise their commitment and the time they had spent with Frontier Services. Managers were called on to present the staff with certificates and gifts.

The length of service extended from five years all the way to 30 years – which was presented to Diane Bilka, Remote Area Nurse with the Andamooka Community Health Service. Mary Miles, Director of Nursing at Old Timers Aged Care Service, was acknowledged for 28 years of service. Many other staff had served for more than 20 years.

The recipients came from all the different service areas – aged and community care, community support, family and children services, health care, Patrol Ministry and Outback Links.

The presentation was a highlight on the fifth day of the National Staff Conference. The program today was facilitated by Patricia Cameron-Hill and Shayne Yates with the theme: “Refuelling for the journey with laughter, friendship and fun”.

There was plenty of laughter and fun as Patricia and Shane coached the staff to learn how to use humour to overcome stress and stay healthy.

The day also presented the opportunity to get to know each other better as the different groups of Frontier Services staff gave a presentation about the work they do.

Each of the items were creative and enthusiastic as staff took pride in sharing their contribution to the wider Frontier Services team.

With one of the presentations, those at Conference also had the chance to learn more about the staff who had stayed at home. The Northern Territory and Kimberley Residential Aged Care team’s presentation involved a lively video presentation with footage of staff and residents at all the different facilities dancing to music. Professional Development Manager, Judy Ratajec, on behalf of all of those at conference, acknowledged those who were not present and were continuing to keep the services running during the week.