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Volunteer Resources

Volunteer Resources

Share the word about Outback Links!

Outback Links has gathered a range of resources to help you share the message about Outback Links with your friends and local community. Whether it’s sharing your story at your local church or community group, emailing a friend or posting a poster at your local cafe, here are a range of resources you can download and share today!


National Volunteer Week 2013 Outback Links Poster Simply download and print this poster from home, or take it to your local Officeworks or copy centre, and get ready to share the Outback Links story with your community! Why not approach your local cafe or request permission to display the poster on a community notice board! (N.B. Please ensure that you obtain relevant permissions before displaying the poster on a noticeboard or other public place).



Outback Links Powerpoint Presentation – As an Outback Links volunteer, you have a great and interesting story to share. Why not organise to speak at your church or community group? Often these groups are on the lookout for interesting speakers. We’ve made it easy for you! Simply download this PowerPoint presentation template and all you need to do is add your own photos! Instructions are contained in the document, or feel free to contact us if you need any help or support.



Outback Links E-Postcard – Everyone loves to get a postcard in the mail! Why not send one of our new Outback Links e-postcards to a friend or loved one by email instead! I’m sure they will love to recive this fun and quirky postcard, along with greetings from you a few words about your own Outback Links experience. Simply writing: “this is something I think you would be great at” might be all you need to say.