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Next stop Beltana, SA

Next stop Beltana, SA

Next stop Beltana, SA

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Don’t let the Dodge run out of petrol! Your $20 donation keeps fuel in the tank as we aim to “Cover the Country” to support children, families and communities across remote Australia.

So far we have covered a whopping 767 kilometres. A big thank you to everyone for all their support and generosity

Now we only have 573 kilometres, before we reach Beltana, SA. So dig deep and help the Dodge make it to its next milestone, so that we can continue to provide essential services and support to the people of remote Australia.

Beltana, SA is where our founder, John Flynn first moved in 1911 to undertake a two year placement with the Smith of Dunesk Mission. Here, Flynn rallied the Presbyterian Church to appoint someone to conduct a survey of the needs of the people of remote Australia. The Church agreed and in 1912 sent Flynn to the Northern Territory to undertake this task.

The results of the survey formed the basis of Flynn’s report to the 1912 Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, which resulted in the establishment of the Australian Inland Mission and carried on today through the work of Frontier Services.

Help us stay on the road and at the heart of remote Australia by donating your $20 today.

You can donate now: www.coverthecountry.com.au