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NSW Overrun with mice and devastating floods

NSW Overrun with mice and devastating floods

NSW Overrun with mice and devastating floods

Frontier Services urgently need your help 

NSW Overrun with mice and devastating floods. Our hearts are broken.

Regional NSW, Coonamble and its surrounds are trying to rebuild from the worst drought in Australian recorded history.  The first good season and now they are overrun with Mice.  I can only imagine how hard this must be, their harvest ruined due to the mice. Stock food destroyed. Houses being damaged because the mice are eating the foundations!  

This community and surrounds were already struggling financially and emotionally. 

They are reaching out to us for help.  

Can you help, as now we have floods cutting off roads and access to deal with the mice.  If you are able to volunteer can you register your interest so when we are able to show up we can.  We cannot do it without you.

Mouse Plague NSW Floods

the mental wellbeing of everyone is a huge concern as they continue to deal with the mess, smell and damage caused by the mice plague on a daily basis” 

-Al Karanouh- Mayor of Coonamble

There has been no government support. As they refuse to declare it a plague, the volume of mice is so large that residents are finding them chewing into concrete foundations, inside water tanks, chewing their way into the local chemist’s stock, eating their way through stored hay and reducing it to nothing but powder.  One farmer estimates he has killed 35,000 mice in the past 10 weeks.

Mouse Plague NSW Floods
Mouse Plague NSW Floods

We are watching closely as the events unfold. Regardless of mice or floods these communities need our full support.

We desperately need Your tax-deductible gift today  to provide the practical help needed for these communities under immense pressure. Not only are our friends in the bush suffering financial strain, but they are also facing significant emotional strain facing health concerns.

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Warning, confronting footage – VIDEO:


Video Source: The Guardian 

Thank you,

Jannine Jackson, National Director