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On the road with Lindsay Ginn

On the road with Lindsay Ginn

On the road with Lindsay Ginn

The road to Laverton from Kalgoorlie, where Frontier Services Bush Chaplain Lindsay Ginn is based, stretches over 760 kms. Every week Lindsay gets behind the wheel to make this lonely trip to (as he calls it) “the edge of No Man’s Land”. Laverton is a small town nestled in the far Northern Goldfields of Western Australia, and it’s the last port of call before the terrain blends onto the Great Victoria Desert.

Lindsay visits schools in the area and meets with staff, teachers and children to provide pastoral and spiritual support to these communities in need.

The burden of isolation is just one of many challenges in this remote area which lacks the services of cities, and it casts a shadow on people’s mental health. With a high density of Fly-In-Fly-Out (FIFO) workers and the disruptions of COVID-19, Lindsay says the community’s wellbeing has been severely impacted.

“It is very lonely out there. For many, a simple cup of tea with a friend is the highlight of their day and quite often the saving grace!”

For two years now, Lindsay has been supporting people across Kalgoorlie, Laverton, Coolgardie, Menzies and Esperance, walking with the lonely
and helping anyone who needs it. Like our other Bush Chaplains across rural and remote Australia, he is a welcome presence, providing practical and pastoral care as well as spiritual guidance. With big hearts and kind words, our Bush Chaplains are always there to extend a helping hand and give comfort in times of grief and hardship.

For Lindsay, his musical talents have also opened doors into the community and helped him reach out to people he might not have connected with otherwise. He says, “I know many of the people who live there personally. I believe I am bringing the gift of music and hope to people. Music has changed my life and it has seen me through a lot of tough times. Music is powerful and reinforces faith in people’s hearts.”

Lindsay’s impact is not just music, his music is improving school attendance, behavioural issues and ensuring marginalised kids are getting an education. His students are getting excited about coming to school!

Talking about the school children he meets and gives music lessons to every week, Lindsay says it helps set a routine in their lives. “Sometimes without proper guidance from home, they can develop behavioural problems. If my music benefits even one child at a school, it will
be worth it.”

Having performed musical concerts at Trinity North and Guildford Uniting Churches in Perth in October helping raise crucial funds for his work, our multi-talented Bush Chaplain says, “There are often people from the audience who come up to ask for help. I look forward to playing a key role in offering support to those who are struggling at the moment. Let there always be hope in our hearts.”

The road ahead may be long and sometimes bleak with solitude and uncertainty, but Lindsay draws encouragement from remembering Rev. John Flynn, the founder of what today is known as Frontier Services.

“My time on the road is spent in thoughts and reflections. To answer questions that come to mind, I ask myself what would John Flynn do? What would Jesus do?”

The Sound of Music


An accomplished vocalist, Lindsay plays the piano, melodica, guitar and the ukulele and teaches students how to play the Boom Whackers. Lindsay also ran the 2021 Carols by Candlelight event in Kalgoorlie.


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