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Roy Shave – Retirement Led to Volunteerism

Roy Shave – Retirement Led to Volunteerism

Roy Shave – Retirement Led to Volunteerism

WEB IMG 7641Roy Shave – The contributions of volunteers in our communities reflect back at us from a hundred different places – a bush regeneration group, a football club, a sausage sizzle, school canteen, etc…

In National Volunteers Week, Frontier Services pays tribute to the indispensable work of the late Roy Shave who died peacefully aged 90 last month at his home on the NSW central coast.

Roy’s voluntary work formed an essential part of the Frontier Services story. With his devoted wife Gwen by his side, and often his children, Roy Shave was prepared to go all over Australia for Frontier Services. In later years the Shaves were the convenors of our NSW Supporters Group.

A science and maths teacher by training, Roy’s retirement in his 50s allowed him “the freedom” to do voluntary work, he said. This included utilising a lifelong interest in photography. Roy’s busy “retirement” thereafter stretched across 30 years of activities and travel.

He was amongst other things, the chief photographic and video chronicler for Uniting Church missions in South Korea, Taiwan, and, for Frontier Services, projects and patrols across much of remote Australia. Roy adored the Outback and its people. His photos captured the people, their labour and the raw beauty of the inland.

“With Frontier Services, Gwen and I travelled to all parts of Australia,” he reflected. “And the patrol work I did when I was based in Exmouth, WA, was a real highlight – visiting all the stations, properties, roadhouses and Aboriginal groups in an area the size of Victoria. This was a marvellous experience.”

Volunteer work and travel, deepened and widened Roy’s Christianity. As his daughter Wendy summarised her father’s practical theology- “What did Roy have to say on religion? ‘God is love’.

Pictured with wife Gwen, last year.