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Teaming up with NRMA mechanics in support of farmers in drought

Teaming up with NRMA mechanics in support of farmers in drought

Teaming up with NRMA mechanics in support of farmers in drought

Skilled mechanics from the NRMA have teamed up with Australia’s oldest bush charity, Frontier Services, to head out bush in support of drought affected farmers in north-western New South Wales.

The NRMA mechanics from across the Sydney metropolitan area will travel to farms around Tottenham and Hermidale to volunteer their skills to farmers doing it tough.

From Avalon to Padstow to Glenwood, the NRMA mechanics will jump into their roadside assist patrol vehicles equipped with tools and parts and travel up to eight hours to farms where there is a critical need for mechanical skills and parts.

Now in its fifth year, the NRMA has joined with Frontier Services Outback Links program which connects volunteers with people in rural and remote Australia who need support.

Frontier Services’ National Director, Jannine Jackson, says the practical support provided by the NRMA volunteers is often the best type of charity.

“This trip is about a hand up, not a handout. These NRMA volunteers empower our farmers who need their machinery to keep going, especially if they are hand feeding; and we also support the local town. We ensure we buy locally whenever possible and stay locally because everyone who lives in regional Australia does it tough during the drought. We will be carrying in our own water however as it is so scarce,” Ms Jackson said.

The first trip starts today (Monday, 2 September 2019), with a second trip in mid-October.

Farmers, Kylie and Greg will host the NRMA team on their sheep and cattle property. The couple have destocked by 90 percent and are hand-feeding their remaining breeding animals. There are mechanical repairs, welding and fencing work that the NRMA volunteers will tackle.

On a nearby property, Tammara and Rhett are also handfeeding the stock they have remaining. “We are in significant drought and the mechanical work just does not get done until its critical,” said Tammara.

Working in pairs, the mechanics will repair and maintain farming vehicles, replace clutches, fix tractor gears and fuel leaks, and carry out chainsaw and forklift servicing – the tools that farmers need to ensure they can continue to stay on their properties.

Thanks to our generous supporters, wherever possible, Frontier Services is also able to help reimburse farmers for costs of the new parts needed for these projects.

Together, Frontier Services and the NRMA are keeping New South Wales moving by standing with those in the bush.

You too can give our Aussie farmers a hand up by making a tax-deductible donation. Your gift today will ensure helping hands are never too far away. And it will show Aussie farmers that there are people who care.