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The Great Outback BBQ 2020

The Great Outback BBQ 2020

The Great Outback BBQ 2020

The Great Outback BBQ 2020 looks a little different this year. We know that you might not be able to host a BBQ the same way you have in previous years. Check out what our creative friends around the country have been doing instead. It might just spark some inspiration for your own event!

Host a virtual Great Outback BBQ

There’s no need to worry about cleaning up the backyard or doing a crazy amount of dishes when you hold a virtual BBQ. All you have to do is video call your friends, chuck a couple of snags on the stove and enjoy your BBQ without leaving your house.

Who doesn’t love a drive-through?

If you and your friends are able to, a drive-through BBQ could be the way to go. Mask up and select a location, invite your guests and serve those sausage sizzles straight from the barbie!

Get creative and host your own Frontier Services event

It doesn’t have to be a BBQ. Host any kind of event in line with the restrictions and health guidelines where you are. It can be a bake sale, a movie night or a pizza party. All you have to do is register your event and encourage your guests to support Frontier Services.


This article was adapted from the November 2020 edition of Frontier News