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Through fear and uncertainty, we must remain strong.

Through fear and uncertainty, we must remain strong.

Through fear and uncertainty, we must remain strong.

Since the onset of the pandemic, we all appreciate what social isolation feels like in lockdown. With so many Aussies currently in lockdown, the stress continues. So yes, we do understand what it feels like to see our friends and neighbours struggling financially from impacts completely outside their control and how hard it is to remain strong. We understand the need for someone to call to ask if we are OK. That sense of isolation, and financial stress, is something that is constant for
so many of our friends in the outback.Farmers, Muriel and Allan

As our Bush Chaplain Cain said to me the other day: “We all want human connection when disaster strikes. We don’t want a virtual connection: it’s just cold.”

Cain serves a community that has really struggled with ongoing disasters and he has experienced firsthand the impact of the worst drought in recorded history, along with plagues of biblical proportions. The resilience required for our rural and remote communities to stay strong during these times is monumental. Cain shared a story with me that illustrates the importance of being a physical presence.

“I was out on a property with a couple and the husband generally doesn’t talk too much,” he told me. “We were walking around the property, just talking about the small things, when he finally opened up to me.

“He looks down at his gun and says: ‘I have thought about simply using this gun to end it all’.

He was really struggling.” It’s a distressing image, and I am sorry if it has upset you. But I need you to know the reality of what our Bush Chaplains are dealing with – and how much your support helps them to support our friends in the bush thanks to your generosity, this farmer isn’t on his own anymore.

Farmer Ben and Outback Links volunteer

Cain will walk beside him and his wife to face their hardships together. And now, because of your kind support, more of our fri

ends in the bush will have someone like Cain to turn to during hard times to keep each other strong.

We are about to recruit six new Bush Chaplains to serve remote communities throu

ghout Australia and we wanted to share this wonderful news, and to ask for your continued support, as we need to raise $150,000 to resource these new Bush Chaplains and to support our existing team of 16 Bush Chaplains.

Your donation has the power to do so much good for our friends in the bush! You will quite literally, save a life!

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