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Unexpected acts of kindness

Unexpected acts of kindness

Have you ever noticed how it’s often the small, unexpected acts of kindness that make the tears fall?

You might have experienced that yourself. Perhaps you were holding it together through a particularly tough time, staying strong, but then someone reaches out to you with a kind hug or an offer of help with the shopping, and that’s when the weight finally lifts.

The people you’ll meet in this edition of Frontier News know exactly what that’s like. They are strong and resilient and accustomed to just ‘keeping on keeping on’. So when someone like you sends them practical help and heart-felt kindness, their tears of gratitude often speak louder than words.

These acts of kindness may be as small as someone bringing them their favourite food that they haven’t tasted since they left home months ago. Or it could be a profoundly moving offer of prayer and fellowship for people without a church. Or it could be a group of Outback Links volunteers helping a survivor of the Black Summer bushfires find home again.

The impact of these unexpected acts of kindness is deeply moving and, often, life-changing. Your compassion and generosity have the power to pull people from despair into a renewed enthusiasm for the future. You bring courage. You bring hope. You bring light, and I am so very grateful for your gifts.

If you would like to give today to help even more people in the bush, you can fill out the form here. We’ll put your gift straight to work to reach people most in need.

Rob Floyd – National Director