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New Bush Chaplain in South West Queensland

New Bush Chaplain in South West Queensland

Meet our newest Bush Chaplain, Jennie! Jennie’s new Bush Chaplaincy covers 450,000 square kilometers for the Cunnamulla, Burke, and Wills Remote Area in South West Queensland. It’s a vast area with vast opportunities for Jennie to provide crucial support.

Jennie Feldmeier and Rob Flloyd
Rob welcomes Jennie to the team, pictured outside the Birdsville Hospital.

This Bush Chaplaincy role is both the end and the start of a journey for Jennie. She’s lived a life of adventure, homeschooling her four kids as their family undertook missions in Australia and Africa. Her children are grown up now, and her husband Rainald has passed away.

“Working as a chaplain was God’s purpose, and working with these kids and giving them a sense of ‘I see you, I hear you, I want to support you’ all had purpose and meaning, but I knew there was more.” Then a friend sent her a link she’d seen on social media: a job as Bush Chaplain for Frontier Services. “I said, ‘Oh my gosh, that’s my job.’

“I feel so honoured and blessed that Frontier Services entrusted me with this part of Queensland. They haven’t had somebody here for about two years, so I’m not stepping into anybody’s past work. It’s fresh, it’s new, and Frontier Services is trusting me to do what I do best.’

“I’m embedding myself into the fabric of this community. This community knows what it needs. I don’t have answers. I’m not here to fix anything or change anything. I’m here to become part of it so that God will use my skills and strengths to stand beside people and help.

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