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Arriving in Roma

Arriving in Roma

Arriving in Roma

Reverend Dona Spencer recently started her new chaplaincy after arriving in Roma. We caught up with her before she left to talk about the journey ahead.

What made you decide to become a Bush Chaplain?

Rev Dona: It wasn’t one single moment. It was a series of events that led me to strongly feel that I am meant to be out there.

I had been thinking about it, but I already had a position as Minister, and my daughter and granddaughter were also nearby. There was no reason to go. But I went out for a drive to see Roma and meet the people.

The landscape was amazing. They had arranged for us to meet a few locals, and 20 people turned up at Bush Chaplain Pastor Joe Eka shortly after presenting Rev Dona her Frontier Services Bush Chaplain stole the local pub. My husband Les and I felt so comfortable with them.

As we got in the car and we drove off, we just knew that we were meant to be there. I was just called there. I just felt it was a call.

And then everything fell into place to allow us to sell up and move.

What were you doing before you took the position of Bush Chaplain?

Rev Dona: I was a Minister in Kenmore just outside Brisbane for four years and, before that, I was a minister at Southport Uniting Church for seven years on the Gold Coast. I was also an art teacher for 30 years in high schools and community centres.

What inspired you to go from art teaching to Ministry?

Rev Dona: This might sound strange, but it was like a word from above to study theology that came out of nowhere. And then from there, I decided this was going somewhere and I threw my hat in the ring to become a Minister. So it was very much God speaking to me.

Tell us about your new position as a Bush Chaplain based in Roma.

Rev Dona: The area we cover is about 250 kilometres in every direction from Roma.

It’s a new position, so it will be shaped as I get to know the community. I’ll start by working out the needs in the area and then talking with the Frontier Services team and saying, “Is there any way we can help them in this regard?”

I’ve already seen how much they really love getting together as a community.

What are you most looking forward to?

Rev Dona: Meeting and getting to know the people and making connections. It’s getting to know the people of the bush, it’s getting to know a different form of ministry, it’s seeing where God will take us into this place and how He is going to use us.