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People making an extraordinary difference

People making an extraordinary difference

People making an extraordinary difference

Outback Links volunteers are ordinary people making an extraordinary difference.

They’re humble, hardworking, bighearted people like Ron and Gwen, who drive around the vast expanse of Western Australia, helping people living on the land.

Ron urges everyone to volunteer with Frontier Services.

“You don’t need to be an expert. We started by looking on the Frontier Services website, which shows lists of jobs you can search. We found one, and thought, ‘We can do that. Let’s go!’

“I encourage people to really think about getting out there and having a look in their area.”

“Frontier Services literally saved my life!” – Erika

One of the farmers our volunteers helped said that without the support of Outback Links volunteers, she would have needed to sell up and leave town. “Frontier Services literally saved my life!” she said.

Erika’s property was ripped apart by Cyclone Seroja in 2021.

“She’d only been on the property a short while before the cyclone hit, so it was a devastating situation for her,” explains Gwen.

“She lost the roof off her house, her sheds were demolished and her water tanks blown off their stands.”

Erika was there on her own and was still learning the ins and outs of farming. Ron taught her how to use some of the machinery, so she could keep on with jobs after they’d gone.

He gave her real support and encouragement, building her confidence in the tools she needed to use on the farm. Teaching her these skills meant that every day of her working life is now less stressful and more efficient.

“She enjoyed taking us around, just showing us the property and talking about her plans and her hopes for what she could do in the future,” says Gwen.

Outback Links volunteers are people making an extraordinary difference through compassion and kindness.

To this day, Gwen continues to knit little woollen jackets for the newborn lambs on Erika’s farm. It’s a wonderful, warm, and colourful way to stay connected.