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Supporting rural communities with the power of generosity

Supporting rural communities with the power of generosity

Supporting rural communities with the power of generosity

As we reflect on the challenges faced last year, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to each one of you for supporting rural communities with the power of your generosity. 

As we continue our journey, our teams find communities grappling with a series of unforeseen disasters. In this edition of Frontier News, we delve into the stories of resilience and compassion that define our mission. Meet Rev Dr. Stephen Robinson, whose expertise empowers our Bush Chaplains to provide essential care and assistance during times of crisis.

You’ll have the opportunity to hear from Bush Chaplain Sunny, and individuals like Chris, Ros, and Eula. They each share unique experiences and reasons for rallying behind Frontier Services. Additionally, we highlight the invaluable contributions of NRMA volunteers, showcasing the collective effort to make a meaningful impact on rural communities.

Personally, one of the highlights was the opportunity to connect with many of our dedicated supporters during speaking engagements nationwide. Your passion to stand in solidarity in supporting rural communities during tumultuous times and rising living costs is truly inspiring.

While we have achieved much together, countless individuals in remote areas still lack consistent support. If you can, consider making a gift today to help sustain their resilience.

With your continued support, we can extend the reach of God’s love, instilling hope in those who need it most. Now, more than ever, our presence and assistance are vital. Together, let’s ensure no one in the bush feels alone.

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