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Eula’s legacy of giving

Eula’s legacy of giving

Eula’s legacy of giving

We have been an integral part of Eula’s life, intertwining with her family’s history and leaving an indelible mark on her journey. Now, as she reflects on her profound connection with the bush and its people, Eula finds solace in the knowledge that her legacy giving to Frontier Services will endure. This is through a gift she has entrusted in her Will.

“Leaving a bequest to Frontier Services feels like a way to pay it forward for the immense role it has played in my life and my family’s.” It’s also a means to sustain the connection beyond my time on this earth.”

Eula’s family ties to Frontier Services date back to her parents, Bruce and Jean, who met in Alice Springs. They were deeply involved in the work of the John Flynn Memorial Church. Influenced by figures like Fred McKay, Eula’s father pursued ministry, while the family’s involvement with us blossomed.

As a young adult, Eula answered the call of the bush. Joining Frontier Services’ preschool in Halls Creek, Western Australia to work with First Nations communities. “The bush has always been home to me. It’s where my heart lies.”

“A simple act of kindness can make a world of difference to those in the bush.”

“Your gift, no matter its size, can create ripples of change in the lives of those in rural communities,” she affirms. “It’s a way to leave a legacy of compassion and support that endures beyond your lifetime.”

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Join Eula and many others in legacy giving to Frontier Services through a Gift in your Will. Contact Anne Jones at (02) 8270 1341 to learn more. How will you make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in the bush?

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