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Without even a church nearby

Without even a church nearby

Without even a church nearby

After a series of tragedies, and without even a church nearby, a community in the Shire of Cook in Far North Queensland had been feeling isolated and abandoned. They told Bush Chaplain Joe Eka, “Even God has left us”.

But thanks to your support, Bush Chaplain Joe could visit the community, bringing prayer, fellowship and encouragement.

Joe reports he and the community have been talking with the local council about plans for a new church, and a plot of land has been reserved.

Communities in the region are crying out for spiritual support, says Joe. He recently visited Hope Vale, an area north of Cooktown, and baptised 22 people in one night.

“I taught them how to pray, gave each person a bible, and left words of encouragement so they could grow in their faith.”

Bush Chaplain Joe says he feels incredibly grateful for the people who donate to Frontier Services.

He says, “I drive a long, long way, but when I get there, I see people who need our support, prayer and encouragement. Without even a church nearby, I feel my trip is worthwhile. I want to thank everyone who makes this possible by giving to Frontier Services.”

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